We are a independent multimedia website that

caters to texas country music artists and their fans in the texas panhandle.

One of our top goals is to provide useful and relevant information that caters to Texas Country Music fans.

We will provide weekly updated information on Concerts and Events happening in the Texas Panhandle that deal with Texas Country Music.


We will also advertise the Top Artists that will be visiting the Texas Panhandle as well as have compelling Podcast interviews of Texas Country Artists.

In doing so, we hope to help fans easily locate and enjoy the genre of Texas Country and bring them closer to the people who create the music that help them through their day.



Starting from...

The Top


The top of the Logo/hat symbolizes the great Panhandle of Texas, in which we are located and support the tx country music artists & fans in the area.

The Brim


The brim of the hat symbolizes the protection from the elements. whether it's giving you shade from the sun on a hot texas summer day, keeping you dry when it's raining or snowing outside, or gaurding your face from the strong Texas Panhandle wind. 

Just as, listening to a good Texas Country song helps you through your day.

the brim of the hat is there to help you.

The Mustache


The long western mustache symbolizes the deep roots of Texas Country Music. filled with artists that are great story tellers.

Texas Country/Red Dirt Music Artists that tell meaningful stories that connect to their fans on a deep level.


Overall, our logo represents the uniqe sound of the proud genre that is Texas Country/Red Dirt Music in the Great Texas Panhandle.